Jimmy John L.jpgSnow pea shoots will have to suffice.  They are the replacement for alfalfa (no, wait, those were eliminated last year), I mean clover sprouts on Jimmy Johns sandwiches nationally.  Too many outbreaks, and probably too many lawsuits.  Jimmy John himself says on his Facebook page:

Sprouts are out, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with this issue; this pic is me this morning in my test kitchen. i discovered this cool veggie, its a snow pea shoot, tastes really yummy and looks really cool on the sammie. if your in Champaign, illinois, go to the unit at 1811 w kirby ave and try em on your turkey tom or veggie or the #12. Peace out folks, the gov can push me down but they aint gonna push me out, i’m not a quitter i’m a doer, hold tight, I’ll keep you posted.

The latest E. coli sprouts outbreak has claimed at least 12 victims from 5 states, including Iowa, who sits atop the case count with 5.