As of September 21, 2021 the CDC reported (revised later to 279) [see screenshots below] infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Oranienburg reported from 29 states. Illnesses started on dates ranging from August 3, 2021 to September 13, 2021.  Those states and the number of reported illnesses are: Arkansas 7, California 5, Connecticut 5, Florida 2, Illinois 28, Indiana 1, Iowa 1, Kansas 6, Maryland 9, Massachusetts 10, Michigan 4, Minnesota 19, Missouri 3, Nebraska 4, New Jersey 4, New Mexico 6, New York 2, North Carolina 2, North Dakota 1, Oklahoma 40, Oregon 1, Pennsylvania 4, South Carolina 1, South Dakota 5, Tennessee 1, Texas 81, Utah, 2, Virginia 22 and Wisconsin 8.

Of note, Illinois has 28 illnesses reported and the following two health departments produced interim reports on seemingly separate Salmonella outbreaks that now are likely linked to the multi-state Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak that appears linked to cilantro consumption.

On September 9th, the Grundy County Health Department identified at least eight Salmonella cases in Grundy County that appear to be linked to the La Mex restaurant located 115 E. Jackson Street in Morris Illinois. Illnesses appeared linked to food consumed at La Mex restaurant between 8/31/2021 and 9/7/2021.

On September 4th,  the McHenry County Department of Health reported a foodborne illness outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness caused by Salmonella.  The illnesses were linked to El Sombrero restaurant at 314 Lincoln Ave, Fox River Grove. Those who ate at the food establishment from August 23 to September 3, regardless of if they develop symptoms or remain well, were asked to assist MCDH in collecting data to conduct a comprehensive investigation of this illness outbreak to eliminate the public health risk.

Salmonella is a food-borne bacterium that cannot be detected by sight, taste, or smell.  Once consumed it can result in symptoms of illness including nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, chills, fever, or blood in the stool. Symptoms usually start within 6 hours to 6 days after infection and last 4 to 7 days. Most individuals can recover on their own in 3 to 5 days, but the infection can be more severe in children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

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