At least 103 people fell ill with Salmonella infections and 6 people were hospitalized after eating food from the Holiday Inn Bordeaux in Fayetteville, NC in May, 2013.

The Cumberland County Department of Public Health and N.C. Division of Public Health investigated a Salmonella outbreak among 99 people who have fallen ill with symptoms of Salmonella infection after eating food from restaurants at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux.

According to a health department press release, at least 6 people were hospitalized due to the severity of their Salmonella illnesses.

Marler Clark filed 2 lawsuits against the Holiday Inn on March 28, 2013.  The lawsuits were filed on behalf of Fayetteville residents who sought extensive medical treatment for their Salmonella infections.  A third lawsuit was filed on behalf of an Asheville woman on June 5, 2013.

Anyone who ate at the All American Sports Bar and Grill or The Cafe Bordeaux in May and experienced symptoms of Salmonella infection should contact the health department.  The health department is investigating the outbreak in an effort to determine the source of contamination at the restaurant and would like to talk with ill individuals about the foods they ate.

Salmonella Symptoms

Symptoms of Salmonella infection include painful abdominal cramps and diarrhea, which may become bloody.  Individuals who experience Salmonella infection often have a fever of up to 102 F.

Contact the Marler Clark Salmonella Attorneys

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