Twenty-five cases of Salmonella Oranienberg in Ontario may be linked to green onions, according to the is report.  A large portion of those affected are males aged in their 20s.  The source of the outbreak is has not been confirmed, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, "is warning individuals not to consume green onions from five Highland Farms Supermarkets, as they may be contaminated."

The report provided information on the implicated green onions, sold "between July 30th to August 1st, unwrapped with a rubber band, and did not have a lot code sticker or product name, at a number of Highland Farms locations."

Produce has been the confirmed and/or suspected source of a number of outbreaks and recalls already this year.   Recently, outbreaks of two different strains Salmonella in multiple states have been associated with Taco Bell, most likely to produce ingredients.