georgia peach.pngFood Safety News reported today that the recently announced E. coli outbreak that has caused the death of a young girl in Louisianna, and at least 5 confirmed cases in Georgia as well, was due to infection by E. coli O45.  In total, the outbreak, which has not yet been linked to a specific food item, has sickened 12 people in Georgia, Louisianna, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee.

Here are some past E. coli O145 outbreaks, one of the big six strains of E. coli that the USDA will begin testing for after pressure from several corners, including a petition filed by the law firm Marler Clark.

Georgia health officials are investigating the outbreak, along with the CDC and other state and local health departments.  Georgia officials are no strangers to E. coli outbreaks.  Here are a few that either happened in Georgia or sickened Georgia residents: