salmonella.bmpThe Defusco’s salmonella outbreak has sickened 60 people in Rhode Island and Massachussetts.  27 people have been hospitalized, and five remained in the hospital as of today.  There are 31 confirmed illnesses in the outbreak, many non-stool-sample positive cases, and one lawsuit.

Jennie-O Turkey burgers purchased from Sam’s Club locations are being recalled after being linked to at least 12 Salmonella illnesses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Washington, and Wisconsin. The illnesses occurred from December 2010 to March 2011, and the strain of Salmonella involved is called Salmonella Hadar

And just recently, the FDA had some words of warning for the fresh cilantro industry:

[I]n view of continued positive findings for Salmonella spp. in fresh cilantro, FDA recommends that firms in the fresh cilantro industry review their current operations in the context of the GAPs Guide, as well as other available information regarding adequately reducing pathogens in or on fresh produce. We further encourage these firms to assess hazards unique to the production of cilantro and to develop commodity-specific preventive control strategies that would identify potential hazards that may be specific to fresh cilantro. Since the available information concerning some of the recent positive findings for Salmonella spp. does not definitively identify the point of origin of the contamination, we recommend that firms take these steps for all points from the farm through distribution.