Norman ‘Gus’ Thomas of Caribbean Net News reports that health officials are carrying out an investigation into reports of food poisoning at the prison in St Kitts.
Caribbean Net News has learned that there has been an alleged cover-up of the problem and, when the St Kitts Sun newspaper broke the story, Health Officials and the Ministry of National Security, Justice, Immigration and Labour were seen scrambling to issue an official release, which only served to confirm the newspaper’s story.

When contacted on Saturday, prison officials told Caribbean Net News that a number of inmates have “come down with diarrhoea and vomiting”, but the authorities are dealing with the matter.
According to a prison source, officials recognised that there was a problem after a number of prisoners began complaining of discomfort, which resulted in them being taken to hospital.
Caribbean Net News sought to get word on the possible cause of the outbreak and one prison officer alleged that the problem may have been caused by “stale mayonnaise” in some potato salad which was served as part of the previous Sunday’s lunch.
A call to the outpatient department of the J.N. France General Hospital revealed that one patient was admitted and that four were treated intravenously.