salmonellaA Salmonella outbreak in Sierra Vista, Arizona, has sickened at least 47 people since September 1, 2006.  Local and state health officials have been unable to identify the source of the ongoing outbreak, which sickened two more people at a daycare last week.  Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have joined the investigation, but have not yet determined the source.  According to an article from the Sierra Vista Herald:

The CDC team, along with state and local health officials, will be looking at a possible connection between the two confirmed children on Fort Huachuca and cases in the Sierra Vista area, Garner said. In addition, the CDC will be looking at food preparation throughout the installation, just as they are investigating food handling practices in restaurants throughout the Sierra Vista area. The CDC is here to offer its expertise, while allowing local health officials to take the lead in the investigation.

Salmonella is a bacterial infection that is typically acquired by eating infected food sources. It is also acquired through infected water sources, close contact with infected individuals and from handling animals, especially reptiles.

Health officials are continuing to urge all community members to practice good hygiene by washing hands thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom, changing soiled diapers and handling raw meats. To prevent cross-contamination of raw meat, clean hands and surfaces before handling other foods.