FDA, CDC, state, and local partners are currently investigating several Cyclospora illnesses associated with McDonald’s locations in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. CDC has reported 61 laboratory-confirmed cases of cyclosporiasis in persons who reportedly consumed salad products from several McDonald’s locations.

FDA has not identified which of the ingredients used in the salads is the vehicle for this outbreak; multiple components of these salads are under consideration. The investigation is ongoing, and the FDA is currently reviewing distribution and supplier information.

At this time, the FDA does not have evidence to suggest that this cluster of illnesses is related to the ongoing Cyclospora outbreak linked to Del Monte vegetable trays.

Consumers who have symptoms of cyclosporiasis should contact their health care provider to report their symptoms and receive care. Most people infected with Cyclospora develop diarrhea, with frequent, sometimes explosive, bowel movements. Other common symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps/pain, bloating, increased gas, nausea, and fatigue. Vomiting, body aches, headache, fever, and other flu-like symptoms may be noted. Some people who are infected with Cyclospora do not have any symptoms. If not treated, the illness may last from a few days to a month or longer. Symptoms may seem to go away and then return one or more times (relapse).