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Queseria Bendita LLC of Yakima, WA, is recalling all lots of Panela, Queso Fresco, Requeson and Cotija fresh soft cheese products and Sour Cream to include those with best-by dates up to 4/16/2015 due to the possibility they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Panela, Queso Fresco, Requeson, Cotija fresh soft cheese products and Sour Cream were distributed to Hispanic grocery stores in Washington and Oregon.

The company also sold products from its on-site store in Yakima.

The recalled products are packaged with a clear plastic wrapper or plastic tub and are stamp-coded with the best-by date up to 4/16/2015. The products are refrigerated and have a shelf life of up to 90 days.

So far there are a total of 3 cases of Listeria monocytogenes infections linked to eating soft cheese produced by Queseria Bendita, including two hospitalizations and one death.

The FDA says the recall was the result of the investigation and samples collection by the Food and Drug Administration. The company has currently agreed to cease the production and distribution of all products.

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