The below image, courtesy of Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is the “epi-curve,” so far, in the national Salmonella outbreak linked to Cargill’s ground turkey products.  Cargill has since recalled almost 36 million pounds of ground turkey products sold under various labels and brand names since early 2011.

In Cargill’s statement regarding the recall, it points out that production at the Arkansas facility at which the recalled turkey was processed has been halted entirely, “until it is able to determine the source of the Salmonella Heidelberg and take corrective actions.”

This is the right move.  The epi curve below shows illnesses occuring over at least a 5 month period.  Based on the epidemiological evidence, it would appear that Cargill believes that there is potentially a persisting source of infection at the Arkansas plant, and that that source has been contaminating product for months.