The CDC has again revised its numbers in the Salmonella montevideo outbreak linked to Daniele Inc. salami and black pepper sold by Oversees Spices Company and Wholesome Spice.  There are currently 213 cases nationwide, stretching from July 2009 to the present.  California Washington, Illinois, and Massachussetts remain the hardest hit states, with 30, 15, 13, and 12 cases respectively. 

This outbreak has been thought provoking to say the least.  It highlights the need for better communication amongst public health agencies, and faster dissemination of crucial information to the public.  See The slow flow of information about food outbreaks.  It is also remarkable for its length, causing illnesses over at least a seven month period, and it remains to be seen whether the outbreak is even over.  Rhode Island has detected Salmonella in the black pepper sold to Daniele Inc by Oversees and Wholesome, and we still have no word on whether the contaminated black pepper is in consumers homes, on store shelves, or in other food products around the country.