Though some Saratoga Springs residents have continued to report illness in recent weeks, the campylobacter outbreak widely believed to have been linked to contaminated water appears to be coming to an end.  Joy Holbrook, a nurse epidemiologist with the Utah County Department of Health, reports that "We’re thinking that the outbreak is decreasing out there; It has been several days since we’ve had any new cases from Saratoga Springs."  Most illnesses in the outbreak occurred in the month of May, causing a boil water order to be issued on May 14 and rescinded several days later.

Nevertheless, as Justin Ritter at the Deseret News reports, some Saratoga Springs residents are still reporting illness. Because the health department only receives cases of Campylobacter confirmed in a laboratory, Holbrook said there "may be some people who are sick that we are not aware of, who have not been tested."