jail_photoAccording to various news reports, an outbreak of Salmonella occurred on September 3rd at the Arizona State Prison Complex – Winslow in the Kaibab and the Coronado Unit. The outbreak was contained as of Sept. 7th. According to Andrew Wilder, director of communications for the Arizona Department of Corrections, the Salmonella was found on tossed salad that was served on both units August 31st. The last time an inmate reported symptoms was September 7th. Of the 1,426 inmates housed at the Kaibab and the Coronado Units, a total of 240 experienced symptoms.

While the cause of the outbreak was investigated, precautionary measures were taken to contain the illness. Those precautions included having inmate meals prepared off-site and brought in, strongly encouraging staff and inmates to utilize extra hand hygiene, and immediately report any symptoms to the occupation health nurse. The facility also sanitized the units with a bleach solution.