It has been 11 days since the CDC announced the Jimmy Johns E. coli O26 outbreak caused by contaminated clover sprouts.  Twelve people (5 in in Iowa, 3 in Missouri, 2 in Kansas, and 1 each in Arkansas and Wisconsin) were sickened.  Is the data current, or are there other victims yet to be counted in the Jimmy John’s E. coli outbreak?

In the days following the announcement, Jimmy Johns has been sued in two lawsuits on behalf of Iowa women sickened in the E. coli outbreak, including Mollie Horton.

Regarding the Jimmy Johns lawsuit, as the AP reports, Jimmy Johns has “declined to comment. But Horton’s attorney, Bill Marler, says the Illinois-based chain has finally pulled sprouts from its menu.”  “On one hand,” Marler continued, “I’m happy that Jimmy John’s finally pulled sprouts from their menu.  On the other hand, it is disappointing that this wasn’t done earlier, because doing so could have prevented this outbreak.”

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