salmonella.jpgA story out of South Australia gives one woman’s account of her battle with Salmonella.   Her words help provide some understanding of the severity of even an uncomplicated bout with Salmonella, one that comes without any of the less common but frightening complications that can occur.

Ms. Norma Kent, of Toorak Gardens, Australia, was one of at least 100 persons sickened in a Salmonella outbreak attributed to pastries.   Ms. Kent ended up spending a week in the hospital.  She had these recollections of her illness:

“This is the worst illness I have ever experienced,” she said.”I didn’t know what was wrong with me, it was like my insides were falling out … my body felt like it was exploding.

Ms. Kent suffered four days of severe diarrhea, nausea, and headaches prior to her week of hospitalization.  She was treated for dehydration and lost over ten pounds.  As is common, she remains tired and lacks energy more than a month later.

Beyond severe food poisoning, Salmonella can cause complications such as post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome and reactive arthritis.