In the weeks that preceded his Listeria illness, Mr. Schwarz (age 92) consumed cantaloupe on multiple occasions, including at least one Listeria-contaminated cantaloupe manufactured, distributed, and sold by the defendants. Mr. Schwarz fell ill on or about September 15, 2011. He was treated at the hospital late on September 15, 2011 for abdominal pain, and released. Mr. Schwarz subsequently developed increasing weakness, until it reached the point that he could no longer move his legs. On September 19, 2011, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital and admitted. While in the hospital, Mr. Schwarz tested positive for Listeria. Medical and health officials have informed Mr. Schwarz that his Listeria infection is associated with the multi-state outbreak linked to Jensen Farms and Frontera Produce. At the time of the filing of this complaint, Mr. Schwarz remains hospitalized as a result of his Listeria infection.  (Download PDF Complaint).