Evelyn Holmes of ABC7 News reports that health investigators will try to determine what made dozens of children ill for the second time in two weeks in Park Forest. Forty-seven children at Forest Trail Junior High were treated at local hospitals for what appears to be food poisoning. All of the students are expected to be OK.
Emergency crews were called to Forest Trail Junior High School, 215 Wilson Street, late Monday morning. The students were taken to six hospitals, including St. Francis Hospital and Health Center in Blue Island and Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Dyer, Ind.
All of the sick students were able to walk.
Twelve days ago, students at the same school reported feeling nauseous after drinking juice boxes. Since then, school officials said they changed lunch providers.

“If you notice that the food was bad last week, why didn’t you pull the food off the shelf?” said Linda Johnson, parent. “They need to find out if this food is hurting these children.”
School officials would not comment on the incident, but students said they were served milk, chicken nuggets, apple sauce and fruit cup during the first lunch period became sick. Forty-four students complained of stomach pains and nausea.
“One of the teachers said that the food was spoiled, but they told us right after we had started eating,” said Desiree Booker, student.
School officials pulled the school lunches and are working with a local restaurant in the meantime.
“We’re packing lunches. It’s just a shame,” said Tom Peters, parent.