pinenutlawsuit.bmpThe 3rd lawsuit was filed in New York by law firms Marler Clark and Underberg Kessler against New Jersey-based Turkish pine nut importer Sunrise Commodities in the pine nut Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 43 people in 5 states.

The complaint (#11CV6581T), filed in New York Federal District Court in Rochester, alleges that on October 18, 2011 Melissa Catalino and her six-year-old daughter consumed pine nuts that were purchased from a local Wegmans Food Mart. By October 21, the child had developed gastrointestinal symptoms that intensified for several days until she required emergency medical care. Ms. Catalino also developed severe symptoms of Salmonella infection and missed several days of work. Both mother and daughter are still recovering from their illnesses. The complaint further states that health officials have notified the family that both illnesses have been linked to a 43-person Salmonella outbreak tied to Turkish pine nuts.