mariscos2_1445344797394_377317_ver1.0As of October 22, 2015 the number of outbreak-associated cases of Shigella reported to Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD) has risen to 141; 118 of these cases are Santa Clara County residents and 23 reported cases are people who live in other counties. Of the 141 total cases, 49 are lab confirmed; 35 of which are Santa Clara County residents. There are 14 confirmed cases from other jurisdictions, including San Mateo County, Alameda County and Santa Cruz County. Almost all of the cases ate at Mariscos San Juan #3 restaurant on Friday or Saturday (October 16th or 17th). Many of the ill ate at Mariscos San Juan restaurant #3, a Mexican seafood eatery at 205 N. Fourth St. last Friday or Saturday, Santa Clara County public health officials said.

Santa Clara County public health officials expect to receive laboratory results taken from food handlers of the restaurant next week.

An inspection report dated Sunday showed partially cooked food including shrimp broth and octopus were not properly cooled to 41 degrees before they were placed in refrigerator inserts, which presented a major risk.

The report called for the food preparation surface to be sanitized.

Another inspection report on August 5th showed the restaurant did not have food handler cards available but met requirements for storing food at appropriate temperatures; proper eating, drinking and tasting at the food preparation area; and adequate hand-washing facilities.

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