125px-Target_logo.svg.pngThe Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) advises consumers that they should not eat certain foods from the Market Pantry and Archer Farms Deli Salad lines. The products are sold at Target stores, and are being voluntarily recalled because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Consumers who have purchased the following items should discard them immediately:

Target Item Number (DPCI):

216-24-0207, Archer Farms Four Bean Salad 14-oz

216-24-0102, Market Pantry American Potato Salad 3#

216-24-0107, Market Pantry American Potato Salad 16 oz

216-24-0103, Market Pantry Chicken Salad 12-oz

216-24-0106, Market Pantry Cole Slaw, 15-oz

216-24-0114, Market Pantry Cole Slaw, 44-oz

216-24-0109, Market Pantry Egg Salad, 12-oz

216-24-0101, Market Pantry Macaroni Salad 3#

216-24-0105, Market Pantry Macaroni Salad 16-oz

216-24-0104, Market Pantry Mustard Potato Salad 16-oz

216-24-0100, Market Pantry Mustard Potato Salad 3#

216-24-0116, Market Pantry Reduced Fat Mustard Potato Salad 16-oz

216-24-0108, Markel Pantry Tuna Salad 12-oz

216-24-0119, Market Pantry Italian Pasta Salad 14-oz

878-02-0051/0151 Layered Taco Dip

There are several date codes for each item. Consumers should refer to the item list at Garden-Fresh Foods-Market Pantry and Archer Farms Deli Salad items for specific date and code information.

Not all Target stores carried the recalled items or the recalled date codes.

Symptoms of listeriosis can include high fever, severe headache, stiffness and nausea, or abdominal pain and diarrhea. Anyone who has eaten these products and experiences these symptoms should contact their healthcare provider.