This London conference will examine the latest research on Campylobacter and Listeria focusing on how controls can be implemented from farm through to fork using innovative technology, enforcement, education and behavioral change to ensure the risks from these bacteria are eliminated if not reduced.

Delegates will hear from expert speakers, including representatives from the Food Standards Agency and the Health Protection Agency, who will be looking at how we can get Campylobacter and Listeria under control.

Speakers will also be able to provide an industry update as well as sharing information from an EHO perspective and discussing the issues that influence the public.

This conference will also look at the new and emerging research around the use of silver as an extra control measure in the battle against Campylobacter. Delegates will learn how silver can be included in products to reduce risks in a variety of environments.

We are very pleased to announce that Bill Marler will be joining us for this event. Bill is the founder and Managing Partner, Marler Clark LLP PS, the major food poisoning lawyers in the USA who have represented thousands of clients in litigation against restaurants and companies whose food was identified as the source of illness. This includes the 2011 Listeria outbreak in melons where 142 were hospitalized and over 30 deaths were reported.

Who should attend June 26, 2013?

The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to update on the issues surrounding Campylobacter and Listeria. It is essential learning for those working in food hygiene and safety and public health. It will be particularly relevant for environmental Health Practitioners, Food Safety Trainers and Food Manufacturers.