Next week I will be co-chairing the ACI Foodborne Illness Litigation Conference in Chicago and co-hosting an evening meal for the speakers. I had to approve the dinner menu, which got me thinking (after nearly 20 years) about what a Marler Clark Potluck would look like.  Then I started thinking about what if this was on the Senate Dining Room Menu on the day that it was “Take a child or grandchild to lunch day?”  Without much thought here is the meal from hell:




Soft Cheese Plate with Celery, Cantaloupe and Hummus




Spinach Salad with Peanut Dressing, Tomatoes, Sprouts topped with Pistachios


Caesar Salad topped with Slices of Beef Tri-Tips




Orange Shredded Chicken with White and Black Pepper Sauce


Bison Burgers with Jalapenos and Green Onions


Canned Chili with Parsley


Chicken Pot Pies with an Egg Wash




Raw Milk Ice Cream with Shredded Raw Almonds


Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Raw Milk Chocolate Colustum Topping




Seasonal Beer from a Recently Cleaned Tap


Imported Water from Colorado


Frankly, I could go on and on. You can make up your own menu by visiting nearly 20 years of foodborne illness litigation at Marler Clark.