recently reviewed inspection reports for a number of restaurants that could be popular Valentine’s Day dinner destinations.  The focus was on critical violations found by restaurant inspectors.  From the site:

How Many Violations Are Too Many?
It’s not at all unusual for inspectors to turn up a couple of serious violations during an inspection. And many of those issues are corrected right on the spot. For example, an inspector who sees employees not washing will usually tell them to step over to the hand sink.

When food is found at the wrong temperature, the inspector often requires it to be thrown away.

But any critical violation is serious business. After all, just one mistake in food handling can cause people to become seriously ill.

So if you’re planning to eat out on Valentine’s Day, the best advice is to review inspection reports to see what’s going on in the kitchen where you live because even the best known names in the restaurant business can have a lot of problems.

 Click here to see the full report on their Web site.