In apparently unrelated matters, two corporations are recalling pork products due to listeria concerns.  To this point, neither recall has been linked to reported illnesses.  Valley Farm Meats, also known as Strasburg Provision, of Wooster Ohio is recalling 3,600 pounds of (primarily) pork products.  Autentico Foods of California is recalling 54,000 pounds of pork.

The recalled Valley Farm Meats products may bear the Ohio Department of Agriculture inspection mark and the Establishment mark, "Est. 80."  The products were produced this year between June 1 and October 4, and thus may display a  Julian date between 152 and 277.  A  list of recalled products which included not only pork, but beef, cheese, and garlic products is on Marlerblog.

The second recall comes from Autentico Foods of California.  This larger recall encompasses 54,000 pounds of pork.  The recall was announced by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  The recalled pork products bear an establishment mark "Est. 3810."  The products were sent to retailers in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.  The list of recalled products is also on Marlerblog.