H-P Community Editor Cheril Vernon reports that Elkhart resident Maria Vancel said she wouldn’t be surprised to find a worm while shucking corn, a rock in a package of dry beans – but finding what she said resembles a turtle’s head in her frozen green beans bag was not expected.
“Through all the processing things like this go through, this should not have been in there at all – it’s gross. It looks like a turtle head,” Vancel said.
Vancel found the reptile-looking head stuck to a frozen green bean in a package of Pictsweet frozen green beans from a local grocery store while cooking Saturday night.

The company offered to send a package to Vancel so she could send the green bean package back to the company, and also offered to send her $25 within two weeks.
Vancel took the package Monday to the City of Palestine Health Department where the package was photographed. She was told the photo would be sent to the company.
“They said it looked like a frog’s head,” she said.
While calling around for advice, Vancel said she received several reactions from people.