chicks.bmpThose little marshmallow chicks that come all stuck in a row probably aren’t the healthiest items, but it sure beats a Salmonella infection.   It is time again to issue the reminder that baby chicks often harbor Salmonella, and for that reason, are not a good choice for an Easter gift, especially to youngsters.

The always active people at the Oregon Department of Health were reported by the AP driving the point home:

“We know baby chicks and ducklings are cute, and you may want to pick them up. Never nuzzle or kiss chicks or ducklings. Salmonella bacteria are easily spread from birds to humans. Chicks and ducklings may not be an appropriate gift for children younger than 5 or for people with weakened immune systems,” said Dr. Emilio DeBess, state public health veterinarian for the Oregon Public Health Division.

In fact, a recent case of Salmonella in Oregon was linked back to baby chicks kept in a child’s home.  So stick to jelly beans and chocolate this year.