food safety monthWTEM (New York) reporter Allison Walker recently did a story on food poisoning in the home

September is National Food Safety Education Month. The point of the annual campaign is to make sure you don’t get sick because of things you’re doing – or not doing – in your kitchen. There are a few things you can do during dinner tonight that’ll help keep you and your family safe.

She points out that :

  1. Not everything you buy in the supermarket is ready to eat.
  2. Poultry is synonymous with Salmonella poisoning and other foodborne illnesses.
  3. According to the FDA, one in five people don’t wash their hands or kitchen counters before preparing food
  4. Food storage is important to food safety – store raw meats below fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as ready-to-eat foods.
  5. Disposable paper towels spread fewer germs than sponges, which are often re-used without being properly disinfected.
  6. Plastic cutting boards are preferred over wood cutting boards due to the risk of transmission of foodborne illness.