peanut butterMarler Clark is investigating potential Salmonella claims on behalf of 150 families who have contacted us in regards to the Salmonella outbreak that was traced to contaminated peanut butter (see the Salmonella blog for more information about hte outbreak.

What  to do if you became ill with Salmonella food poisoning after eating peanut butter:

1. If you or a family member are still sick, please seek medical treatment.

2. If you do seek medical treatment, please ask that a stool and urine culture be done to try and confirm that you have been sickened by salmonella. A positive culture is the only way to confirm that you have been sickened by the Salmonella bacteria.

3. You should contact you local health department about your concerns and to relate information about your family members’ illnesses. Please make note of your peanut butter label, the brand, and the product code found on the lid—“2111” is the implicated product. Also note when and where you purchased it. This information will help the health department’s investigation.

4. If you have any left over peanut butter, please put the entire jar in a plastic bag and place it in a cool spot. Please let your local health department know that you have it. They may offer to test it. If not, we will arrange to have it tested.

5. If any family member is currently sick, please be sure to attend to careful hygiene. Frequent hand washing can help reduce the risk of spreading infection among family members.