grocery cart black.gifA study conduced in Ireland suggests a risk of transmission of Salmonella to children under one year of age while riding in grocery carts (although they are apparently grocery “trolleys” there.)  The Independent reported on a study, noting that between 20-40 cases of Salmonella are reported in Ireland each year in children of that age.

The risk factors uncovered by the study included riding in grocery carts that carried raw poultry and meat; infant formula; and exposure to pets. 

In the U.S., the CDC estimates that there are over 1 million cases of Salmonella in people of all ages each year, according to a recent study.  Among these illnesses are 30% of the estimated deaths due to foodpoisoning each year in the U.S.   Children and the elderly, along with immunocompromised individuals are particularly susceptible to severe illness.