Where is Dave Thomas when you need him?  Jacob Zachariah, owner of a Wendy’s franchise restaurant in Ukiah, California, could use a dose of the late Mr. Thomas’s intelligence and simple charm.  Zachariah’s Ukiah Wendy’s restaurant was recently shut down, not by the health department, but by the Wendy’s corporation for failure to adhere to acceptable standards of conduct in food safety and other things.  Actually, that last sentence should read "failure to adhere to any standards of conduct in food safety and other things."  The guy actually managed to score a ZERO in food safety during a July 2008 inspection by local health authorities!  I thought you got at least a point for showing up with a beating heart, but apparently not.

But that’s not the end of the story (I know, it is almost comical how stupid some people are–but to laugh would require me to disregard the lethal risks that Mr. Zachariah was presenting to his customers, and without their knowledge).  In addition to becoming the first man in history to achieve a ZERO in food safety, it looks like Mr. Zachariah also assaulted an auditor sent by Wendy’s corporate to try and get the restaurant on track, or pull Mr. Zachariah’s franchise license . . . which is exactly what happened.  Mr. Zachariah, you are a true gentlemen.  I just hope your actions have not caused any 5-year-olds to lose their kidneys.