(Pennsylvania) reports that it may seem like common sense, but doctors say it is common for people to eat wild mushrooms, because they look like the kind you can buy in the store. This weekend four people learned that lesson the hard way. "One was a family of three. One was another individual."

Over the weekend four people came to Harrisburg Hospital with similar, awful problems.

"Specifically vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and fluid losses." Turns out all four ate wild mushrooms that sprouted up in their yards. "It does resemble very closely some choice edible mushrooms, but in this case they picked the wrong one." These mushrooms are poisonous, but rarely fatal.

Distinguishing them from safe mushrooms is next to impossible.

Doctors say it can be a terrible learning experience. These little fungi aren’t fun at all. They can pack a powerful, and painful punch.

"I would leave the mushrooms in the ground. They’re nice to look at, but certainly don’t eat them." One of the patients ate just a sliver of the mushroom, about the size of his thumb, and he was violently ill.

Doctor Donovan also warns that there is a mushroom found in the woods that is almost always fatal. a patient ate one about 2 years ago and died at Harrisburg Hospital of liver failure.