Summer Camp.jpgThe Ukranian Prime Minister, Mykola Azarov, announced recently that the regional heads of state administrations would be held personally responsible if any violations lead to food poisoning of children at this year’s summer camps.  The regional heads are those tasked with oversight of youth summer camps.  The camps host nearly 18,000 children during the summer holidays.  Personal responsibility for poisoning people–now there’s a unique idea.

Apparently last year there were numerous violations at the summer camps which led to food poisoning among the young campgoers.  “We do not have the right to allow violations of the regulations of children’s food provision, [or] the quality of food. Such cases occurred last year. I would like to personally warn governors and all those who at the Health Ministry are responsible for this sphere: they will be held personally responsible for every such case,” the premier said.

Children and those with weakened immune system are especially vulerable to bacteria and viruses that can cause foodborne illness, making it especially important to prevent food contamination in the first place.