Madison County Health DepartmentThe Citizen Times reports that health officials suspect contaminated drinking water might have caused 14 cases of hepatitis A among guests visiting a Madison County property this summer.

Four Madison County residents were confirmed to have the liver disease, while 10 more cases are under investigation in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Washington and Oregon.

People who work on the property or were guests there are suspected to have contracted hepatitis from contaminated drinking water, the Madison County Health Department said Wednesday.

The department said Madison County residents face little or no risk from the outbreak because of precautions already put in place.

Officials would not identify the property in northeastern Madison County near the Appalachian Trail and the Tennessee border, but they said the property owner was cooperating with the investigation.

There has been no evidence to suggest transmission of hepatitis A from produce grown in a garden and greenhouse on the property, and no produce has been sold in the past four months, the Madison County Health Department said in a statement.

Produce was grown in a greenhouse apparently watered from the contaminated spring, according to Jan Lounsbury, acting director of the Madison County Health Department.