Jonathans Sprouts of Rochester, MA is recalling its conventional alfalfa sprout products with sell-by date of 4/23 (see list below), as a precaution, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.  Six products are involved:

  • Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa Sprouts – sell-by 4/23
  • Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa with Radish Sprouts – sell-by 4/23
  • Jonathan’s 4oz Gourmet Sprouts – sell-by 4/23
  • Jonathan’s 4oz Alfalfa with Dill Sprouts – sell-by 4/23
  • Jonathan’s 8oz Alfalfa Sprouts – sell-by 4/23

The products were distributed in New York, New England, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware.  See Photos of recalled products.  They are sold at the following stores:  A&P, Grand Union, Stop & Shop, Shaws, Hannaford, Donnelans, Foodmaster, Truccis, Roche Brothers.

Jonathan’s organic alfalfa sprouts or any of Jonathan’s organic products are not part of this recall.

No illnesses attributed to these products have been reported to date.

The product being recalled was identified through routine sampling as part of the USDA Microbiological Data Program.