A settlement agreement has been reached between Marler Clark and the attorneys representing Houlihans.  The class action settlement agreement, if approved by the Court, will award damages to any person who ate at Houlihan’s during the time when an employee who was diagnosed with hepatitis A was working, and received an Immunoglobulin shot to prevent hepatitis A infection. 

Today’s Daily Herald carried a story on the tentative settlement.

An estimated 3,000 dined at the restaurant during the January time period when an employee infected with hepatitis was working and was potentially contagious. The health department gave shots to more than 2,000 people to minimize the effects of the exposure. Most at risk are patrons who had drinks with contaminated ice.

Hepatitis can cause liver damage and is contracted by eating or drinking food contaminated with fecal matter from an infected person who has not properly washed his or her hands.

The full story from the Daily Herald, and more information on the settlement agreement, can be accessed on the Daily Herald website.