Marler Clark attorneys Denis Stearns and Drew Falkenstein put on a mock trial at last month’s National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Annual Conference.  The mock trial was part of Handwashing for Life’s conference session on food safety and protection titled, "Handwashing on trial." 

The abstract for the panel is as follows:

Financial and health risks for those serving food increases sharply where hand hygiene is not a senior management priority. For restaurants, schools and other institutional operators to better understand both the problem and solution active learning techniques are used to drive commitment and action.

A risk assessment piece opens the session pitting two of the most experienced
foodborne outbreak lawyers against one another in a compelling reality check, complete with a 12-member jury. This prosecutor-defendant exchange uses drama as a driver to achieve a deeper audience understanding. Facts and experience illustrate the pitfalls of trivializing hand hygiene and the value of best practices.

Management and food prep worker motivations are explored and woven into a behavior changing practical solution. The value of employee competition is explored and demonstrated as a means to bridge language barriers and convert peer pressure into handwashing compliance. Both techniques and technologies are shared to take home a hand hygiene program based on behavior change, measurement and Continuous Improvement.

More on the mock trial can be found on the Handwashing For Life blog.