A little holiday Q and A from the Food Safety Network:
Question: Is it safe to use raw eggs to make eggnog?
To make eggnog, use a recipe where the eggs and milk are cooked; bring the egg/milk mixture to 72-75 C (pasteurization temperature). Drink hot or chill immediately. Even if fresh eggs are used, there’s a possibility they might be contaminated by pathogens.

Question: I cooked my turkey so that the inner thigh meat temperature read 180 F, but the meat was still pink. Is this safe to eat?
Red or pink coloration is caused by the age and sex of the bird, dietary components, processing techniques or the ventilation system of the oven used for cooking. Red or pink colouring does not affect the taste or safety of the product as long as the meat has been cooked to the proper temperature. We recommend cooking the turkey to 77 C (170 F) as measured by inserting a meat thermometer into the breast or the deepest part of the inner thigh without touching the bone. If the turkey is stuffed, make sure the centre of the stuffing reaches an internal temperature of 74 C (165 F).