grocery shoppingKFYR-TV reports that your mother probably told you about the importance of eating your veggies, but with all the attention given lately to E. coli, and other foodborne illness, a lot of people are wondering if that`s such a good idea. Although most healthy adults can recover from foodborne illness within a week, young children, seniors and the sick, are more vulnerable to serious health complications or rarely, death.

Spinach is back on the shelves, but certain brands of lettuce, carrot juice and beef aren`t, due to possible bacterial contamination. Although North Dakotans haven`t been affected, many are feeling uneasy.

Do what you can to protect yourself at home. Remember that bacteria grows rapidly between 40 and 140 degrees. And if anything in your fridge looks or smells funny, your best bet is to throw it out. One of the most important and simplest things we can do is to buy a food thermometer. Meat, fish and poultry need to be cooked at a temp between 140 and 165 degrees depending on the product.