The Utah county Health Department announced that all milk samples from the Payson dairy farm at the center of a controversy over whether its raw milk products were contaminated with Campylobacter tested negative for the bacterium. From a story in the Deseret Morning News:

"It’s very possible that an earlier batch had been contaminated and all the traces worked their way out of the system," said Lance Madigan, Utah County Health Department spokesman.

A spokesman for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food confirmed that the contamination could have happened at the dairy at an earlier date.

"We were testing to check the current batch of milk," said UDAF spokesman Larry Lewis. "This doesn’t speak to the milk that may have contributed to the illness of these people, which would have been produced weeks before."

Utah County Health Department officials issued a health advisory Wednesday after receiving multiple reports of campylobacteriosis, a disease caused by ingesting bacteria commonly found in unpasteurized milk products and improperly prepared chicken.

Raw milk has led to numerous foodborne illness outbreaks, and is illegal in many states.