Starr Shuppert of the Rushville Republican reports that there have been two recent reports in the county of efforts to sell meat that that has been recalled due to testing positive for E. coli bacteria.
On almost any given day a local resident might get a knock on their door and find an individual saying they have some meat left over from a delivery and they are willing to “let it go at a reduced price.”
Reno Gosser, the Rush County Sanitarian and Environmentalist, recently issued a warning to county residents about such practices and the meat they are trying to sell.
The individual selling the meat has no permit to do so and generally offers seven or eight different cuts or types of steaks at a reduced price to unsuspecting individuals. You should not purchase the meat, Gosser said.
Because of the severity of the problems associated E. coli the local health department is concerned about the tainted meat found locally and the possibility that other unsuspecting county residents may or may have purchase some of it.
“We have a lead on the individual that has been selling the meat in the county and law enforcement personnel is looking for him at this time. We are confident that he is from Ohio, but that is all of the information we can give out presently. We may have more information in a couple of days,” Gosser told the local media.
He was quick to add that if you are approached by anyone attempting to sell meat out of the back of a car or truck you are asked to contact the Rush County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 932-2931 or the RPD at (765) 932-3907 or the Rush County Health Department at (765) 932-2216.