Connecticut food safetyEating, like the rest of life, can be a risky enterprise. reports the proof of that came in the recent spate of food contamination scares around the country, scares that have affected consumers as well as farmers.

“It’s going to keep coming up,” said Rick Holmberg, who grows apples and other fruits on his Ledyard orchards and heads the Connecticut Apple Marketing Board. “Food safety is something the food industry takes very seriously. In our business, it’s absolutely necessary that we have consumer confidence.”

While spinach and lettuce farmers in California learned that lesson anew in recent months after a lethal E. coli bacteria strain infected those crops, apple growers like Holmberg hardly needed reminding. About 10 years ago, some of the apple cider produced in Connecticut became contaminated with the same strain. Hundreds of gallons of the sweet juice were dumped.