Joanna Larez of the Greeley Tribune reports that Nelly Morales had given her baby almost two full cans of formula before she heard about traces of metal that might be contained in the batch.
Enfamil Gentlease powder infant formula in 24-ounce cans with bottom code BMJ19 and a preferred use date of July 1, 2007, was recently recalled.
Morales, 23, of Greeley has given her 5-month-old daughter, Belicia Morales, the formula since September. Belicia’s doctor recommended the formula, which is designed to be easily digested.
Morales heard about the recall on the news and checked an empty can in the trash to find that it was part of the recalled batch. So was the can she was using.
Belicia is a healthy baby, but started vomiting and having diarrhea about two weeks ago, which would be about when Morales started using the formula from the recalled batch.

Morales does not know if Belicia is ill because of the formula or something else, but she wants more answers from representatives at Mead Johnson Nutritionals, the manufacturer.
“They have not been giving me enough answers,” Morales said. “You put trust in them, and they don’t try to help you.”
Morales was told to send the remaining formula to the company, but when she asked when the test results would be in, she didn’t hear what she expected. The technician told Morales that there was no guarantee the formula would be tested.
Belicia has visited her doctor twice since she has been ill. On Thursday, she was diagnosed and treated for ear infections. She has been congested; Morales can hear it in her daughter’s throat and chest.
A printed statement from Mead Johnson said there could be possible respiratory problems if any of the formula got into the baby’s lungs. Symptoms would be evident within three to four hours. The metal could also damage the throat.
The technician asked if Belicia had vomited and had some come out her nose, because that is one way the formula could have gotten into her lungs.
Morales is supposed to get two replacement cans from the company. She has not stopped using the formula.
“What made me feel still confident with it is that it was just that batch,”
Morales said. “I’ve heard bad things about switching formulas.”
She has not talked to Belicia’s doctor since she realized she used the recalled batch of the formula. She said she plans to contact her doctor Monday with the new information about the formula.
A receptionist at Mead Johnson, based in Evansville, Ind., said Saturday that no one was available to comment on the recall over the weekend.
“It just kind of concerned me that they weren’t really concerned,” Morales said.
Recalled formula
Enfamil Gentlease powder infant formula in 24-ounce cans with bottom code BMJ19 and a preferred use date of July 1, 2007, was recently recalled. If you have cans of the formula:
Discontinue use of the batch.
Call Mead Johnson at (888) 587-7275.
Contact your baby’s doctor if you are concerned about his or her health.
Do not return the formula to the store where it was purchased.