Brand New Choice: Raw Milk OR Pasteurized Directly on Farm

08.03.2010 – South Royalton, VT – From this August forward, there are now two options for farm fresh milk – raw OR gently pasteurized directly on the farm with the Bob-White Low Impact Farmstead Pasteurization System.

The company’s website launched this week at In honor of this positive news, Bob-White Systems will be holding an open house at the storefront located on the town green in South Royalton, Vermont the entire week of August 23, 9:00 – 4:00 daily. Special events will be planned for Wednesday, August 25 including the opportunity to meet a Bob-White System’s Jersey cow on the Town Green, live music, and other fun surprises.

Small herd or micro dairy farmers struggling with the commercial dairy industry can now explore an affordable alternative which offers diversification and eliminates over-production – did you know four grazing hillside cows can supply up to 60 families with farm fresh milk?

Farmsteaders and homesteaders seeking to round out building a business based on commitments to localvore food production can now help provide their communities with locally produced milk by the cows who live there, instead of having the milk trucked out of state.

Farm fresh milk producers now have the choice to produce either raw milk or milk pasteurized directly on the farm, or a combination of the two – but the choice is now theirs to make.

The Bob-White Pasteurization System has been in use at the company’s farmstead dairy research facility located in Royalton Village since March of 2008. The pasteurizer gently pumps the cold milk through its heat exchanger at a gallon per minute, where it is heated to 163 degrees and held at that temperature for 20 seconds. The milk is then rapidly cooled back down as it flows into a small bulk tank, where it is further cooled and stored. The milk is not homogenized, separated or standardized, which safeguards more of the milk’s nutritional value and cream content, as well as its farm fresh flavor. It does an excellent job of eliminating the harmful bacteria in milk, regardless of the bacteria levels found in the raw milk and it has absolutely no impact on the milk’s flavor. In addition, the texture of the cream and the ability to utilize the milk for yogurt, butter and other dairy products is unaltered.

The current raw milk legislation does not include regulatory accommodations for farm fresh pasteurized milk and Bob-White Systems is seeking awareness vehicles statewide to help obtain such accommodations for milk processed with the Bob-White Pasteurization System to be able to be sold direct from the farm in the same fashion as raw milk. Such policy enhancements will open up an entire new economic, community, and localvore food opportunity for Vermont dairy farmers and those who want to be dairy farmers.

Bob-White Systems’ Open House Week – August 23 – 27

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