The Des Moines Register is reporting that Russia has banned the import of pork from two plants. According to the report,   "Russian meat plant oversight group Rossel-khoznadzor said Thursday that E. coli bacteria was found in some meat from the plants."  The implicated plants are located in Waterloo, Iowa, and Columbus Junction, Iowa.

For its part, Tyson is touting the safety of its products, but did not appear to issue a clear denial of the presence of bacteria in the products.   A company spokesperson said. "We have very few details about the Russian plant de-listings.  We’re confident about the safety of our pork products."

Tyson then went on to point out that the Tyson plants are federally inspected.   Companies are quick to rely on federal inspections when it comes to giving the impression that their food is safe.  Meanwhile, however, idustry groups are hard at work trying to water down and to avoid paying for increases in those same inspections.