A foodborne outbreak of Salmonella was investigated by the California Department of Public Health and the Tulare County Department of Public Health in August 2023. Kaweah Health Hospital Infection Control notified the health department of a number of Salmonella cases with exposure to BBQ food over the weekend of August 5 weekend. This outbreak was given the code OB20232037.

A total of 39 (29 lab-confirmed and 10 probable) cases were identified as part of this outbreak. Reported exposures occurred between July 29 and August 6, 2023. Illness onsets occurred between July 30 and August 11, 2023. Most cases reported experiencing diarrhea (some bloody), abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. Twelve cases reported hospitalization, and no cases died. Fifty-eight percent of cases were male. The majority of cases were between 50 and 74 years of age.

   A total of 29 cases were confirmed with laboratory testing for Salmonella NewportA phylogenetic tree of the outbreak cases is included below. 

The Shop ‘N Save store was inspected on August 10, 2023. Violation with handwashing facilities, food sources, adequate equipment, and plumbing were discovered. No known illnesses were reported to the restaurant in the two weeks prior. It was also discovered that the walk-in refrigerator was not working the week of August 3, 2023. It was discovered that the food was cooked at the store, refrigerated, and transported to the mobile truck, from which it was served. The suspected source of the outbreak was the BBQ food cart associated with Shop N’ Save, where grilled chicken and pork ribs were served.