Global Food Technologies ("GFT"), a California-based life science company specializing in food safety, today announced the commencement of deliveries of its iPura brand tilapia to Safeway. iPura, the world’s first food safety brand, will be in the service counter of Safeway supermarkets by the end of the month.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to become a supply partner for Safeway because of their unrivaled reputation for leadership in food safety and environmental responsibility," stated Keith Meeks, President of GFT. "iPura was designed to provide greater control over the processing and distribution phases by implementing proprietary extraordinary precautions, thereby earning the trust of food distributors, retailers and consumers. This is especially important with seafood sourcing where over 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the US originates overseas. We provide the technology, hardware and manpower on-site to achieve what we refer to as The Highest Standard in Food Safety," Meeks added.

Aaron Ormond, VP of Food Safety for GFT, explained, "iPura contracts with premier aquaculture producers to assure we start with high quality products, which marks only the beginning of our commitment to provide the best quality seafood in the industry. With our unique ‘boots on the ground every day’ approach, the iPura on-site food safety and quality assurance team, including microbiologists, system operators, technicians, and quality assurance personnel, execute extraordinary science-based controls to mitigate and reduce the proliferation of pathogens and spoilage organisms on both the raw material and within the processing environment. iPura assures safety and quality at a level unmatched in the industry."

"Food safety and quality are the main concerns of food executives and iPura has taken food safety and quality to a new level with patented organic technologies and security controls throughout the supply chain. iPura is a fantastic solution to many of today’s critical supplier issues," stated Tom DeMott, COO of Encore Associates, a sales and marketing advisory group.

iPura tilapia was launched in March at the International Boston Seafood Show. GFT has plans to introduce striped pangasius, steelhead, salmon and shrimp under the iPura label. "We have over a dozen regional distributors and I think we can expect to see iPura products in more stores and on many restaurant menus in the very near future," commented Robert Clark, Director of Marketing for GFT, who was also quick to point out, "iPura isn’t just about health and sustainability; iPura also won the American Masters of Taste gold medal as the best tasting tilapia in the US."

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