The Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has detected four additional raw milk samples from Pride and Joy Dairy that tested positive for Salmonella.

The WSDA said this is the result of four samples taken October 2 from the dairy company out of Toppenish that all came back positive for Salmonella October 9.

The company was notified the day results came in, according to Hector Castro, Communications Director of WSDA.

This comes after the WSDA suspended Pride and Joy’s processing license following positive salmonella results during routine testing in a September batch.

Lab results confirmed the Salmonella strain recently found in Pride & Joy Dairy organic raw milk matches the strain that hospitalized two Washington residents in January. Health officials are urging consumers not to drink Pride & Joy Dairy organic raw milk in any container size or sell-by date.

Castro said the suspension means the company may not legally bottle and sell raw milk.

Pride and Joy Dairy has until Monday, October 16 to request an appeal to begin steps that would allow the company to regain their processing license.

Castro said the company would need to come forward with a plan in that time.