Michael Moss has won the Pulitzer Prize for his article detailing the E. coli O157:H7 illness of Stephanie Smith and the outbreak, linked to Cargill ground beef, that changed her life forever.  Mr. Moss’s article, published in October 2009 (two years after the Cargill outbreak), was titled "The Burger that Shattered Her Life." 

Mr. Moss’s investigative reporting detailed the path of the ground beef that was eventually purchased by Stephanie Smith’s family. The burger she ate was contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, and her illness was so severe that she was put into a medically induced coma for months. When doctors were able to bring her out of the coma, she was paralyzed and suffered organ failure and cognitive damage. Two years later, Stephanie remains in rehab, trying to walk again.  Stephanie Smith’s E. coli O157:H7-induced HUS illness was the most severe we have ever seen. 

  • The Epidemic Behind FDA Withholding
    Suppose the FDA told you that “soybean, genistein, daidzein” are included on their “Poisonous Plant Database” will you feed your child soy-based formula, soy foods and beverages? Alarmingly, infant milk formulas are increasingly soy-added, as are vaccinations, a direct injection of soy phyto-poisoning.
    Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge soy as an active “estrogenic endocrine disruptor” well-known as especially developmentally damaging, while at the same time allowing the increase in soy marketing to target infants and children…..will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you they are aware that soy phyto-estrogens as all estrogens are equally developmentally health-threatening…..will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that soy is manufactured to make: ink, bio-fuels, hydrolic oil, grease, solvents, adhesives, plastics….will you feed your baby soy infant formula…..or feed you infant/child soy products as increasingly marketed?
    Suppose the FDA told you they acknowldege phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors transfer to fetus during pregnancy and nursing, and that due to male soy consumption sperm carries potential fertilization contamination……….will you consume soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that the 2010 National Toxicology Program (NTP) Brief on soy formula reports, (There is) “Clear evidence of adverse effects of genistein in studies with gestational, lactational and post-weaning treatment,” and that “Daidzein has estrogenic activity of its own”….. will you soy poisonous-plant estrogenic endocrine disruptor contaminate your fetus, infant, and child?
    The FDA knows that the NTP refers to soy as a “treatment”….will you feed soy phyto-poisonous “treatment” to your child?
    Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge that soy is loaded with fluctuating levels of phytic acid, heavy metals, several toxic compounds, and inhibits essential enzymes necessary for normal development……will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you the 1999 FDA Federal Register reports, “GRAS status of soy protein food ingredients did not include a thorough evaluation of the safety of potentially harmful components, e.g. lysinalanine, nitrites, and nitrosamins, trypsin inhibitors, phytates and isoflavones (estrogens)”…..will you feed these soy-poisons to your child?
    Suppose the FDA told you soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors are NOT FDA approved as safe or nutritional, and that nearly 25% of USA infants are fed unapproved soy-based formulas, commonly as 100% of their dietary intake…..will you feed soy to your child?
    Suppose the FDA told you that highest level ingredients in soy infant formula: Corn syrup, soy and sugar….are each and all FDA concluded as developmental poisons….will you feed your baby soy formula?
    Suppose the FDA told you about the NTP report concluding outrageous “levels of aluminum found in soy (600-1300ng/mL) infant formula compared to human milk level of 4-65 ng/mL,” and the CDC confirmation of “Brain and bone disease caused by high levels of aluminum in the body has been seen in children….Aluminum from the mother can enter her unborn baby through the placenta”….. will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that for nearly a decade a number of scientific studies reported by the best National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) scientists such as Drs: Doerge, Sheehan, Newbold, Chang, etc., along with multiple National Institute of Health (NIH) scientists report extensive developmental soy toxicity…..will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge more than 700 scientific studies proving soy is extremely developmentally (physiological, reproductive, and neurologically) toxic especially during most fragile fetal, infant and child exposure…….will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you about the multitude of detailed scientific studies confirming the soy estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity causation of extensive and irreversible destruction of developmental health proven to cause: autism, seizures, mental retardation, allergies, asthma, thymus damage, hypothyroidism, immune deficiency disorders, pancreatic, liver, and kidney damage, diabetes, leukemia, multiple cancers, metastasis, gender chaos, infertility, homosexuality…… pain and suffering for a lifetime….will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you there is massive scientific evidence detailing how soy phyto-toxins damage neurotransmitter systems and multiple neuron cells known to cause autism and irreversible behavioral problems.. ….will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that cancer patients, male and female are commonly told to stop eating soy products due to the soy-threat of estrogenic endocrine disruptor causation of cancer metastasis……..and that soy can interfere with prescribed hormone drugs……will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that people who struggle with infertility and reproductive disorders are commonly instructed to stop eating soy……..will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that Monsanto has a large stake in soy products and verbally/ physically threaten farmers to buy their trademark Roundup Ready GM soy seed…..of which it is reported that RRGM soybean seed is nearing 80% of the market……..will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA told you that pet food manufacturers who market the healthiest brands of dog and cat foods proudly label “No Soy”……will you feed your child soy?
    Suppose the FDA continues to ignore a formal Petition submitted 13 months ago, requesting appropriate soy-toxicity WARNING labels especially during developmental exposure, as well as WITHDRAWAL of soy-poisonous infant formulas…….will you feed soy toxicity to your beautifully healthy child?
    As you know, the FDA does NOT publicly reveal any of these multiple soy phyto-poisonous facts. American parents and their families painfully and unnecessarily suffer due to the ongoing FDA withholding of established developmental soy-poisoning, resulting in the worst FDA deception in American history.
    The FDA is determined to save the multi-billion dollar soy industry (and Monsanto) rather than saving the good health and well-being of fetus, infants, and children……..across American soil.
    Who stands up to FDA betrayal and accountability? No one.
    Gail Elbek
    NTP CERHR Affiliate
    Investigative researcher: Developmental soy-poisoning
    380 N. San Marcos Road
    Santa Barbara, CA 93111