The FDA announced today that Luv N’ Care Ltd. of Monroe,  Louisiana is voluntarily recalling gel-filled "teethers" nationwide due to concerns that the gel may be contaminated with bacteria.  According to the FDA, the gel was found to contain "bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulans bacteria."   The recalled brands are:  "Nuby," "Cottontails," and "Playshcool."

The FDA says that: 

these bacteria generally do not cause illness in adults, infants and children with weakened immune systems can experience stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and uncommonly more serious disease, if the teether becomes punctured and they ingest the liquid gel.

Here is a list of the recalled items by UPC:

UPC code       Brand Name 
48526-00451   Nuby
48526-00452   Nuby
48526-00453   Nuby
48526-00454   Nuby
48526-00455   Nuby
48526-00459   Nuby
48526-00467   Nuby
48526-00472   Nuby
48526-00473   Nuby
48526-00482   Nuby
48526-00483   Nuby
48526-00487   Nuby
48526-00490   Nuby
48526-00519   Nuby
48526-00521   Nuby
41520-87115   Cottontails
50428-91511   Playschool
41520-91660   Cottontails